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It's funny, when I talk about Pet Humanisation in 2020, we all understand what this means so much more. This year with COVID. our pets have meant even more to us. We have wanted and needed to be around our families and communities and many of those include our pets too.  - it's become the norm, pets have become an important member of our families. Whether it be the fast pace of our lives, or through injury or mental health, pets play a significant role in our lives today. It's the unconditional love that makes us appreciate our pets and in return we want the very best for them. Our journey to enrich the lives of people and pets was driven by emotion. Our dogs and cats no longer have to be envious of their owners food as they too are able to indulge in a euphoria of humanised pet food delights. Beautiful, functional, clever pet nutrition is our game changer. We create exciting varieties of pet goodies to enhance the health and well-being of your pet both inside and out. We focus on protein and calcium in our products as they pose as the building blocks for a healthy and functional pet.

Golp started in my kitchen in 2011 making human food treats for Pookie our gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla dog. With an idea to enhance her everyday boring food into something real and beautiful that humans can relate to, all with little fuss. Our first product was Yoghurt, and oh boy was it an interesting creation. After much research and taste testing, a creamy and luscious Vanilla Yoghurt, packed with nutrition and flavour was born. Next, a velvety, irresistible ice cream with delicious vanilla, berry or green tea varieties. From here, we continued to develop our products further. We added superfoods and supplements like omega and joint booster containing collagen. We also understood the need for a healthy gut so we added probiotic supplements. We shared them with our friends and family. Our GOLP start up had begun.

We work with Veterinarians and Pet nutritionists and carefully select ingredients with integrity to formulate our treats with high quality, natural, real foods. We believe GOLP provides the opportunity for owners to be involved in the process of feeding and nourishing their pets in a fun and engaging way. We call this the GOLP community, sharing our love for pets with friends and family though nourishment, health and enjoyment.

Our Range

Our range is endorsed by a team of veterinarian’s and nutritionists including Dr Jack Ayerbe BVSc, a practicing veterinarian for more than 30 years. He is an honorary life member of the RSPCA, lecturer in Animal Ethics for the Bureau of Animal Welfare, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of a number of Community Boards.

Spoil them!

We all adore being spoilt..... we sure know how to do that in the GOLP kitchen. By choosing fun but functional foods with Golp's natural goodness range, you're adding a boost of nutrition for a healthier lifestyle. With our beautifully designed packaging and bundles of formulated fun, you can now spoil them with the best. Our specifically designed ice cream, carob chocolates, yoghurt, bone broth, meaty jerky chews and freeze dried sprinkles......what a selection, this is sure to enrich the lives of both you and your pets. Life is fun, live everyday like its your last and don't forget to treat your best friend!