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Australian Kangaroo Freeze Dried Dog Sprinkles - 100g
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    Australian Kangaroo Freeze Dried Dog Sprinkles - 100g



    Golp Sprinkles are packed with nutrients. These versatile treats load your dogs' daily meal with REAL free range AUSTRALIAN RAW Kangaroo meat. Great for adding goodness and nutrients to any meal. Our sprinkles will send your dog crazy at mealtime, they are irresistible and great for fussy eaters. 

    Our RAW Kangaroo is high in protein and naturally lean. This high protein topper is highly beneficial as new proteins are an essential part of your dog's diet and are the "building blocks for tissue and new cells" for daily health and wellbeing.

    Australian Fresh Kangaroo Meat is carefully freeze dried to hold all of the important amino acids intact. This is highly palatable for your dog to digest and full of nutrients. Our sprinkles also contain Australian Sardine containing omega oils, A touch of Sweet Potatoes which are great for digestive health as they're high in dietary fibre, are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. Our sprinkles also contain CROCODILE OIL rich in omega 3, 6, & 9 and *may support healthy skin and coat and BOOST IMMUNE system. It also contains our Prebiotic booster and *may help assist with digestive health. 

    Don't miss out on these incredible protein boosters - *they may help with the building blocks for healthy life.

    Serving suggestions: Serve a small spoon sprinkle onto your dog's food appropriate for your dog's size. Add them to your dog's meal for an extra delicious dose of nutrition, great for hiding medication too.

    NOTE: Always feed under supervision, ensure fresh drinking water is available.

    Our packaging considers the environment with recycling materials. 

    Product of Australia