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Australian Salmon, Calming blend - Catfood 2kg
Australian Salmon, Calming blend - Catfood 2kg
Australian Salmon, Calming blend - Catfood 2kg
Australian Salmon, Calming blend - Catfood 2kg
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    Australian Salmon, Calming blend - Catfood 2kg


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    Australian Salmon variety 

    Cat's can purr through their days with our gentle calming benefits.

    Meet our very first SUSTAINABLY SOURCED natural range of cat food: FUSS-FREE, carefully selected WELL-BALANCED (salmon & ocean fish) PROTEIN Cat-food. 

    Expertly formulated by our leading Australian Pet Nutritionist and Vets to provide a GENTLE ON THE STOMACH, hypoallergenic and low sensitivity allergy friendly variety suitable for All Breeds & All Life Stages. 

    POWERFUL PROTEINS: Our selected superfoods and protein naturally contain some of the best sources of the amino acid Tryptophan, Vitamin B, Potassium and Omegs-3 which all convert to the serotonin in the brain. This powerful amino acid know as the "happy or calming hormone" helps boost moods and naturally lowers stress and anxiety. Plus, our fantastic fatty acids, perfect potassium and clever Vitamin B may normalize your heartbeat and ease inflammation.

    TALK ABOUT NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED: packed with scrumptious flavour, our gluten free cat dog food is made with the number one ingredient of 75% fresh and whole raw fish with superfoods, a touch of brown rice fiber and holistic ingredients.



    • contains probiotics,
    • clever collagen,
    • omegas 3, 6 and 9,
    • premium hemp seed oil and hemp fiber,
    • pea protein isolate,
    • kelp,
    • wholesome wheat grass greens,
    • calming chamomile 
    • fresh ginger.

    SAVING THE PLANET, GOLP CARES ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT: Hence why we have chosen a paper-bag surface and cardboard box for home delivery.







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